The Advanced Mobility & Augmented Intelligence Laboratory

  1. Lab Members
    1. Dreamers toward PHD
    2. Master and undergraduate researchers
  2. Past Mentored Students
    1. 📍 InfoTech Labs, Toyota Motor North America R&D

Lab Members

Dreamers toward PHD

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Yueyang Liu

PhD student (Co-advise with Dr. Zhipeng Cai)

Computer Vision, Digital Twins

Fall 2021 - Present

M.S. Data Science, American University, Washington, D.C.


Hongyu Ke

PhD student

Mobile AR/VR

Spring 2023 - Present

M.S. Computer Science, SUNY Buffalo, Getzville, NY


Xiaolong Tu

PhD student

Sustainable AI, Carbon-Aware Computing Systems

Spring 2023 - Present

System engineer, Apple R&D, Beijing, China

Master and undergraduate researchers

  • Yashwanth Alluri, undergraduate student, GSU University Assistantship Program

Past Mentored Students

📍 InfoTech Labs, Toyota Motor North America R&D

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Yitao Chen

2022 Summer Research Co-op

PhD student, CS, Arizona State University

PhD advisor: Dr. Ming Zhao


Dr. Siqi Huang

2021 Summer Research Co-op

Assistant Professor, AI and Advanced Computing School, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

PhD advisor: Dr. Jiang Xie


Yuhan Kang

2021 Spring Research Co-op

PhD student, ECE, University of Houston

PhD advisor: Dr. Zhu Han

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